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Bed and Breakfast in Crieff - History of GaLvelmore House, a beautiful stone Scottish house with a lovely garden.

The house is believed to be built on the land of Thomas McOmish, in the early part of the nineteenth Century. He 'carried on' a distillery at the bottom of Galvelmore Street, Crieff. Eventually at the meeting of the Crieff Town Committee, it was felt that the distillery should be removed on the grounds that it was to the utmost detriment to the town of Crieff! Eventually, the distillery came into the possession of Mrs Elizabeth Philips, and was so well conducted that it was said to have been the 'rendezvous for all that was bright in intellect' in Crieff.

We believe the house to have been built around the 1850's, by a gentlemen physician from Edinburgh, whose wife was born in India. The practice that he established is still in existence in Crieff today.

Not much is known about the occupants of the house, except that there are many residents in Crieff who remember the house as Dr Brown's surgery, where our current dining room was the patients waiting room, and our kitchen the surgery. He was known as a very keen gardener, a tradition that Katy and David are trying to uphold.

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